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EU Scrutiny Committee hears from legal experts in inquiry examining post-Brexit scrutiny of EU law and policy

3 September 2019

Purpose of the session

The inquiry will explore how EU laws and policies may continue to affect the UK after it has left the EU – with or without a deal – and what changes may be needed to the current system of scrutiny.

The Committee will question witnesses on the reach and impact of EU laws and policy in different Brexit outcomes and how they may interact with domestic and law and policy in the future.

In this session, the Committee will hear from Professor Kenneth Armstrong (Cambridge University), Sir Stephen Laws (Policy Exchange and former First Parliamentary Counsel) and Jack Simson Caird (Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law).


Wednesday 4 September2019, Committee Room 16, Palace of Westminster

From 2.30pm

  • Kenneth Armstrong, Professor of European Law, University of Cambridge
  • Sir Stephen Laws, Senior Research Fellow, Policy Exchange and former First Parliamentary Counsel
  • Jack Simson Caird, Senior Research Fellow in Parliaments and the Rule of Law, Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law

Further information

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