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Committee paper sets out areas of EU-related activity in which scrutiny by Parliament will be needed from 1 January 2021

1 December 2020

The European Scrutiny Committee has published a letter and accompanying scoping paper on future EU-related scrutiny, noting the urgency of developing robust mechanisms for future parliamentary scrutiny of EU law and policy that will impact the UK after the end of the transition period (31 December 2020).  

While the precise mechanisms for scrutiny will depend on the outcome of the ongoing UK/EU future relationship negotiations, the paper is intended to inform discussions with the Government on:


  • the scope of EU-related areas that Parliament will be interested in scrutinising post-transition, because of their implications for the UK; and


  • the Government’s role in facilitating effective parliamentary scrutiny, noting ministerial commitments to date on the importance of ensuring transparency in, and accountability for, the positions and decisions taken by the Government in implementing the Withdrawal Agreement and Northern Ireland Protocol, the Government’s influence over new EU laws and policies that may impact UK national interests, the ongoing future relationship negotiations and the implementation of any deal.