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Pre-appointment of the Chair of the National Energy System Operator: ESNZ Committee approves Government preferred candidate Dr Paul Golby

26 April 2024

The Energy Security and Net Zero Committee has approved the appointment of Dr Paul Golby as Chair of the new National Energy System Operator (NESO).

In a short report following a hearing with the candidate on Wednesday, the Committee concludes that Dr Golby demonstrated an understanding of the current challenges facing the energy sector and showed a calmness under questioning.

The report adds that, while it is difficult to assess a candidate of an organisation that has yet to be established, the Committee would have liked to have seen more evidence of the vision he intends to set and invites him to appear again within six months of his appointment.

Chair comment

Angus Brendan MacNeil MP, Chair of the ESNZ Committee, said: “The new NESO will play a key role in providing the impetus needed for creating an energy system fit for the future, so we hope Dr Golby will soon be able to set out his vision for the new organisation in more detail and lead by example in areas such as skills and training. We wish him all the best in his new position and look forward to hearing from him again shortly.”

NESO is the new public corporation responsible for planning Britain’s (Scotland, England, Wales) electricity and gas networks and operating the electricity system. Due to be launched this summer, it will be responsible for ensuring that the energy system is secure, affordable and sustainable.

Following the endorsement of the Committee, it is now down to the Government to confirm the appointment of Dr Golby.

Further information

Image credit: House of Commons