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Environmental Audit Committee

Commons Select Committee

Welcome to the Environmental Audit Committee's website. The Committee's remit is to consider the extent to which the policies and programmes of government departments and non-departmental public bodies contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development, and to audit their performance against sustainable development and environmental protection targets. You can follow the Committee on Twitter @CommonsEAC.

Committee news

Mary Creagh writes to Secretary of State Liz Truss
Chair raises concerns about 'chilling effect' of anti-lobbying clause
11 May 2016
Treasury policy on meeting recycling targets further call for evidence
The Environmental Audit Committee calls for further evidence for sustainability and HM Treasury inquiry
10 May 2016
Environmental impact of microplastics examined with academics
Environmental Audit Committee hears from academics on wide range of issues regarding microplastics
5 May 2016
Cancelled: Environmental impact of microplastics examined with academics
The Environmental Audit Committee evidence session on Tuesday 3 May 2016 has been cancelled
28 April 2016
Winter floods response: MPs visit Leeds
Environmental Audit Committee visit Leeds to hear about the impact of floods on Yorkshire
25 April 2016
Minister questioned on soil health
Environmental Audit Committee hears from Rory Stewart on Government's approach to soil health
21 April 2016
Sustainability in the Department for Transport examined with Government officials
Environmental Audit Committee discuss role of sustainability in departmental operations
21 April 2016
EU membership positive for UK environment
Environmental Audit Committee publishes report on EU and UK Environmental Policy
19 April 2016
Worsfold Review on flood defences published
Environmental Audit Committee publishes 2014 review of the Government's Flood and Coastal Risk Management
13 April 2016
Flooding discussed with Ministers
Environmental Audit Committee questions Oliver Letwin and Rory Stewart on cross-Government approaches to flood risk management
7 April 2016
Soil health in urban areas examined with academics
Environmental Audit Committee looks at urban areas and approaches by the UK's devolved administrations
7 April 2016
Environmental impact of microplastics inquiry launched
Environmental Audit Committee launches inquiry into microplastic pollution in the ocean
18 March 2016
Soil health, carbon and climate change examined by Committee
Environmental Audit Committee hears from climate representatives on impact of climate on soil health
4 March 2016
Soil health examined with environment representatives
Environmental Audit Committee takes evidence on the state of the UK's soil
2 March 2016
Engineers and policy chiefs discuss infrastructure resilience to flooding
Environmental Audit Committee holds roundtable discussion on Government's work on flood resilience
24 February 2016
Mary Creagh MP elected Chair of Environmental Audit Committee
Speaker has announced that Mary Creagh MP has been elected EAC Chair
10 February 2016
Flooding: George Monbiot and Environment Agency give evidence
Environmental Audit Committee questions campaigners and Environment Agency on UK flooding
29 January 2016
Chair Nominations for the Environmental Audit Committee - 2016
Nominations close at 5pm on Monday 8 February
28 January 2016
Speaker announces timetable for election of new EAC Chair
Process for election of new Environmental Audit Committee Chair announced by Speaker
25 January 2016
Flooding: Cooperation across Government evidence taken
Environmental Audit questions Committee on Climate Change and Oxford University Professor
21 January 2016
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