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Environmental Audit Committee

Commons Select Committee

Welcome to the Environmental Audit Committee's website. The Committee's remit is to consider the extent to which the policies and programmes of government departments and non-departmental public bodies contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development, and to audit their performance against sustainable development and environmental protection targets. You can follow the Committee on Twitter @CommonsEAC.

Committee news

Committee calls for financial regulators to report on climate change risks
Environmental Audit Committee publish letter to the Secretary of State
28 March 2018
DEFRA Brexit workstreams to rise to 70
The Environmental Audit Committee publishes a letter from the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to the Chair
26 March 2018
Minister questioned on reducing nitrate pollution
Environmental Audit Committee takes evidence from Defra and the Environment Agency
21 March 2018
Nature and environment charities questioned on 25 Year Plan for Environment
Environmental Audit Committee questions lawyers, academics and practitioners
20 March 2018
Committees call for a new Clean Air Act
Four Committees publish report on improving air quality
15 March 2018
Government promises no effective action on UK's mountain of coffee cup waste
Environmental Audit Committee publishes Government response to Coffee Cups report
9 March 2018
Committee concerned that Packaging Recovery Notes are leading to poor environmental outcomes
NAO to review Government oversight of PRN scheme on behalf of Environmental Audit Committee
9 March 2018
The Changing Arctic inquiry launched
Environmental Audit Committee examines how the Arctic is changing, what this means for the UK and what the Government has achieved through its policy framework
8 March 2018
Water industry and the agricultural sector questioned on nitrates
Envronmental Audit Committee hears on respective roles and if more could be done to reduce pollution
6 March 2018
MPs seek answers from pension funds on climate risk
Envirnmental Audit Committee seek answers from pension funds on climate risk as Government admits 'widespread misunderstanding of fiduciary duty
5 March 2018
Academics and environmental groups give evidence on nitrates
Environmental Audit Committee examines the scale of nitrate pollution in the UK and worldwide
28 February 2018
Government dragging its feet tackling plastic waste
Envirnmental Audit Comitttee comments on Government response
26 February 2018
Ministers questioned on green finance, climate risk reporting and fiduciary duty
Environmental Audit Committee examines issues including investor confidence in the low-carbon energy sector
20 February 2018
Bank of England and financial regulators give evidence on climate risk reporting
Environmental Audit Committee examines environmental risks and financial decision-making
20 February 2018
Heatwaves: Adapting to Climate Change inquiry launched
Environmental Audit Committee inquiry accepting written submissions
8 February 2018
Chair questions Cabinet Office on Sustainable Development Goals
Environemntal Audit Committee writes to David Lidington MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office
7 February 2018
Finance experts questioned on climate risk reporting and pension regulation
Environmental Audit Committee hears from finance exports for green finance inquiry
6 February 2018
Ministry of Justice failing to meet key environmental standards
Environmental Audit Committee publishes report on the Ministry of Justice's environmental sustainability
2 February 2018
25-Year Environment Plan inquiry launched
The Environmental Audit Committee launches a short inquiry into the Government's 25-Year Plan for the Environment
1 February 2018
Minister questioned on Chinese waste import ban
Environmental Audit Committee examines the Government's awareness and preparations for the ban
31 January 2018
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