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Environmental Audit Committee

Commons Select Committee

Welcome to the Environmental Audit Committee's website. The Committee's remit is to consider the extent to which the policies and programmes of government departments and non-departmental public bodies contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development, and to audit their performance against sustainable development and environmental protection targets. You can follow the Committee on Twitter @CommonsEAC.

Committee news

UK Export Finance inquiry launched
Environmental Audit Committee investigates the scale and impact of UKEF's financing of fossil fuels in low and middle-income countries
3 December 2018
UK support for oil and gas exploitation in the Arctic incompatible
Environmental Audit Committee publish report on the Changing Artic
29 November 2018
Fashion retailers questioned about sustainability
Environmental Audit Committee questions leading high street, luxury and online fashion retailers
27 November 2018
Planetary Health inquiry launched
Environmental Audit Committee is particularly interested in the risks relating to nutrition for UK and global human populations
23 November 2018
Specialist Adviser vacancy for Planetary Health inquiry
Environmental Audit Committee is inviting applications from individuals for the role of Specialist Adviser
23 November 2018
Brexit presents challenges and opportunities to tackle nitrate pollution
Environmental Audit Committee report on UK progress on reducing nitrate pollution published
22 November 2018
Hand car washes need licensing to prevent ‘modern slavery'
Environmental Audit Committee publishes hand car washes report
15 November 2018
MPs to measure-up the fashion industry with event at the V&A
Environmental Audit Committee holds evidence session on sustainability of the Fashion Industry at the V&A Museum
13 November 2018
Committee calls on ‘fast fashion' bosses for answers
Environmental Audit Committee has called on the UK's five leading online-only fashion retailers to give evidence
9 November 2018
Chair condemns raid on Natural England staff to work on Brexit
Environmental Audit Committee publishes letter from the Secretary of State on Natural England staff
8 November 2018
Government's 25 Year Plan for the Environment: Government Response published
Environmental Audit Committee says Government Response lacks firm commitments on post-Brexit environment governance
6 November 2018
Ministers questioned on sustainable seas
Environmental Audit Committee examines the international marine conservation programmes and the Government's forthcoming Ocean's Strategy
5 November 2018
Committee secures pensions reform – but Government rejects mandatory climate risk reporting
Environmental Audit Committee publishes Government Response to Greening Finance report
1 November 2018
Experts and campaigners questioned on the Sustainability of the Fashion Industry
Environmental Audit Committee examines the environmental impacts of the garment industry and social issues
30 October 2018
Ministers dragging their feet on action to protect people from heatwaves
Environmental Audit Committee publish Government Response to Heatwaves: adapting to climate change
24 October 2018
Committee investigates Government action to tackle hunger in Britain
Environmental Audit Committee looks at the UK's progress on implementing UN Sustainable Development Goal 2
22 October 2018
Sustainable seas examined by Committee
Environmental Audit Committee explores explore the threat to the ocean from plastic pollution and social corporate responsibility
16 October 2018
Fashion bosses asked to reveal environmental record
Chair writes to retailers to see how they are reducing environmental impact of clothes they sell
5 October 2018
Minister and experts give evidence on packaging recycling
Environmental Audit Committee examines the National Audit Office's report on packaging recycling obligations
12 September 2018
Seafood production and sustainability examined by Committee
Environmental Audit Committee examines seafood production, including UK regulations on aquaculture
11 September 2018
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