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Environmental Audit Committee seeks stakeholder views on the implementation of UK REACH

1 November 2022

The Environmental Audit Committee is planning an oral evidence session later in 2022 to examine progress in the implementation for Great Britain of the UK REACH Regulation (UK REACH), which governs the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemical products in England, Scotland and Wales.

UK REACH came into effect on 31 December 2020, with certain transitional provisions. The Committee plans to take evidence from representatives of the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Health and Safety Executive.

In advance of that evidence session the Committee is interested to receive submissions from stakeholders in sectors affected by the implementation of UK REACH and the transitional provisions established to help industry with the move from the European Union REACH regulation to the domestic regime. 

Any stakeholder with observations on the implementation of UK REACH is invited to submit them to the Committee via the evidence portal, to be received not later than 17:00 on Friday 11 November. 
Further details of the evidence session will be announced in due course.

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