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Environment Secretary questioned on water quality, biodiversity, waste reduction and more

23 June 2022

From tougher action to address river pollution, to strengthening enforcement of the Government’s biodiversity net gain policy, MPs will discuss recent EAC recommendations with the Environment Secretary and discuss what progress is being made on the Department’s environmental protection goals.


Wednesday 29 June, Committee Room 15, Palace of Westminster

At 2.15pm

  • Rt Hon George Eustice MP, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

MPs are also likely to explore recommendations from two reports relevant to the Secretary of State’s remit – the latest progress report to Parliament from the Climate Change Committee (CCC), and the Office for Environmental Protection’s 25 Year Environmental Plan (25 YEP) report.

The CCC’s report on the Government’s progress on reducing carbon emissions, to be published on the same day as this session, is expected to evaluate department progress towards Net Zero and include advice on policy and on a renewed approach to monitoring. The evidence session will provide an opportunity for the Environment Secretary to give an early reaction to the CCC’s recommendations. The OEP’s 25 YEP report set out a framework for assessment of Government efforts to protect, restore and improve the environment in England.

Further issues that are likely to be raised include:

  • water quality, on which EAC has called for regulatory action, water company investment, and collaboration to clean up a chemical cocktail of pollution in England’s rivers;
  • biodiversity net gain, and how the Government will strengthen and monitor its enforcement to address gaps in current policy;
  • timelines for current strategies to bring down waste and preserve resources;
  • fertiliser production, and Government plans to promote fossil-free fertilisers;
  • proposed new environmental targets under the Environment Act 2021, and the status of retained EU environmental laws needing to be amended, replaced or repealed.

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