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MP examine how steel production can be decarbonised

19 April 2022

The Environmental Audit Committee explores how steel production can be decarbonised, hearing from Green Hydrogen Solutions, UK Steel, SUSTAIN and an academic from the University of Oxford


Wednesday 20 April, Committee Room 16, Palace of Westminster

At 2.20pm

  • Frank Aaskov, Energy and Climate Change Policy Manager, UK Steel
  • Ebrahim Takolia, CEO, Green Hydrogen Solutions
  • Professor Barbara Rossi, Associate Professor and Tutorial Fellow in Engineering Science, the Sustainable Metal Structures Research Group, University of Oxford
  • Professor David Worsley, Director, Strategic University Steel Technology and Innovation Network (SUSTAIN)

During this evidence session, members will have an opportunity to hear about the technologies currently being considered by the steel sector to decarbonise steel production, and to examine the feasibility of these applications.

Industry figures have indicated that decarbonising UK steel production is an enormous challenge and will be difficult to achieve by the 2035 target set by the Climate Change Committee in its Sixth Carbon Budget. The industry is also facing imminent decisions on the investment required to replace blast furnaces at UK steelmaking plants.

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Image: Pixabay