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Chair comment: Glasgow Climate Pact and COP26

15 November 2021

Reacting to the Glasgow Climate Pact, agreed yesterday at COP26, Environmental Audit Committee Chairman, Rt Hon Philip Dunne MP, said:

“The agreement reached at COP26 has demonstrated a powerful global consensus to up the ante against climate change. We now need to see nations implement actions to match pledges to reduce use of coal, to provide greater support for countries on the front line of the climate crisis, and to keep 1.5C within reach. I am particularly pleased that nature has been at the forefront of the COP26 talks, as we cannot tackle climate change without addressing nature depletion.

“But we must not be complacent. The time for warm words and sentiment is over: we must make sure the Glasgow Climate Pact leads to lasting change. Every country must now review its domestic policies to keep emissions down and embed environmental improvement. From how we generate energy to decarbonising transport, our consumption habits to heating and insulating our homes: the opportunities are endless to embrace innovation and deliver a prosperous decarbonised economy. The Glasgow Pact may be seen as a tipping point for governments around the globe to get real on the need to tackle climate change.

“The Environmental Audit Committee will be poring over details of the pact in coming weeks and months. We will continue to hold the Government to account to ensure it meets the many commitments made in Glasgow over the last fortnight.”

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