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Climate Change Committee: Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk

16 June 2021

Reacting to the CCC’s Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk report, Environmental Audit Committee Chairman, Rt Hon Philip Dunne MP, said:

“The Climate Change Committee’s important report emphasises the need to focus on adaptation efforts in the UK to cope with practical consequences of climate change on our environment, and the way we live our lives.

It is of great concern that the gap between the level of climate risk that we all face and our plans to adapt to it has widened in the last five years. While the Government has been focussing on meeting net zero, it has forgotten about the risks to soil health and subsequent disruptions to food supply. It has also forgotten about preparing for the impacts of heatwaves, where the 2018 heatwave will become 50% more likely in 2050. Our Committee raised concern about the lack of preparedness for heatwaves in our 2018 report, warning that there will be 7,000 heat related deaths every year if the Government does not take action. Net zero and adaptations must be tackled in tandem if we are to mitigate the risks that come with a warming climate.

Against this backdrop of the dangers we face, the CCC has made some practical recommendations, such as increasing investment in flood defences, harvesting more rainwater and forecasting and early warning systems so we can adapt to each risk accordingly.

I encourage the Government to take this report seriously. In our future work programme we will consider how we can help focus on some of the adaptation solutions identified by the CCC.”

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