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Chair reacts to the announcements made at the G7 on the environment

14 June 2021

Reacting to the announcements made at the G7 on the environment, Environmental Audit Committee Chairman, Rt Hon Philip Dunne MP, said:

“The commitments made at the G7 are warmly welcomed, representing a positive move from the leading industrialised nations ahead of COP26.

“Agreeing to accelerate the move away from coal has given a powerful signal that the fossil fuel monopoly is reaching its day of reckoning. Our Committee has previously called on the Government to end its support for new fossil fuel projects in developing countries, and I welcome today’s announcement that the G7 has committed to do this. But we must support other countries in the low carbon transition. The UK’s strengths in renewable energy – such as offshore wind – offer a unique opportunity to export knowledge: I hope this is championed long after this year of climate leadership.

“Our Committee will shortly be publishing a report on biodiversity and ecosystems, and we welcome the commitment to spend more on protecting nature. This must be done correctly, as many of our precious species are at a tipping point: we look forward to seeing the detail of the policy and delivery mechanisms designed to improve the state of nature in the UK and overseas.

“As a Committee, we will be taking a strong interest in how the G7 policy commitments roll out, and we will continue to hold the Government to account as it forges Net Zero Britain.”

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