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Academics and environmental NGOs questioned on water quality in rivers

4 March 2021

The Environmental Audit Committee chose to look into this issue because of concerns about sewage discharges and other chemical and plastic pollution affecting water quality in UK rivers. Urban rivers have seen improvements in recent decades, but rural river quality is worsening. 


Wednesday 10 March 2021, virtual meeting

At 2.30pm

  • Professor Steve Ormerod, Professor of Ecology/Co-Director Water Research Institute, Cardiff University
  • Professor Nigel Watson, Professor of Geography and Environmental Management at the Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University
  • Dr Michelle Jackson, Associate Professor of freshwater/marine ecology, Somerville College, Oxford University

At 3.30pm

  • Dr Rob Collins, Head of Policy and Science, Rivers Trust
  • Guy Linley-Adams, Salmon and Trout Conservation
  • Amy Slack, Head of Campaigns and Policy, Surfers against sewage

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Image: Pixabay