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We must slam the brakes on biodiversity loss, says Chair

14 September 2020

Reacting to Sir David Attenborough’s BBC documentary on extinction and biodiversity loss, EAC Chairman Philip Dunne has commented urging action before more species are lost forever. The comment comes as the Committee is set to start oral evidence hearings as part of its inquiry on biodiversity.

Environmental Audit Committee Chairman, Philip Dunne, said:

“From white rhinos to numerous pollinating insects, we are losing species far too quickly and must slam the brakes before even more are lost forever. Around the world, it has been predicted that we are at risk of losing one million of the world’s eight million species, and we must not let this happen.

“Species up and down the food chain are crucial for biodiversity; crucial for the food we eat and crucial for the oxygen we breathe.

“Sir David’s documentary on extinction brings into sharp focus why we must act now before it is too late. Leadership must come from above, and it is deeply concerning that reports suggest the UK could miss 17 of its 20 UN biodiversity targets.

“My Committee decided earlier this summer to launch an inquiry into what the UK can do to help stem biodiversity loss. We will be delving into the detail of biodiversity with our evidence sessions starting in October.”

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