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Chair comments on National Audit Office's report on the MoD

13 May 2020

Commenting on the National Audit Office's report on the Ministry of Defence: Environmental Sustainability Overview, published today, Environmental Audit Committee Chairman, Philip Dunne, said:

“The Ministry of Defence has a significant carbon footprint, being responsible for 50% of the total greenhouse gas emissions reported by central Government.

“The NAO's report highlights the good progress made by the MoD as part of the Greening Government Commitments. However there are key areas where progress can, and must, be made. The MoD must make sure its building standards for new builds and refurbishments equate to low carbon outcomes, and it must meet targets on waste recycling and where appropriate reduce the number of domestic flights. The MoD also has scope to increase generation of renewable sources of energy for its own use and to introduce sustainable fuels into its energy mix.”

“The Government needs to show leadership in taking the necessary steps towards cutting harmful emissions if we expect the whole country to get behind net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. We will be following up on the MoD's environmental responsibilities when the Committee hears from the Minister for Defence Procurement in June.”

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