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Chair reacts to VW emissions scandal

23 September 2015

Commenting on the VW emissions scandal Huw Irranca-Davies MP, Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee:

"I support the Government's call for complete transparency across the EU automotive industry, a thorough investigation into the full extent of this scandal is needed. In the light of the revelations over VW in the US, customers here in the UK and across the EU need and deserve urgent reassurance that they have not been deceived by VW or other automotive manufacturers.

But this is not simply an issue of customers being deceived. Air pollution from dangerous emissions in diesel vehicles is linked to thousands of deaths in the UK each year. We need to know from our government that the reported vehicle emissions in the UK are accurate, that no deception similar to that in the US has taken place, and that our emissions-testing regime is rigorous and secure.

This will also add weight to the calls by the previous EAC committee to clean up the air in our city centres by introducing a network of low emission zones. The impact of poor air quality on health and mortality is already a scandal in the UK and in many of our major cities, and emissions from diesel vehicles are the prime culprit.

The new Environment Audit Committee will discuss whether to examine these matters in the coming weeks."

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