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Joint Committee on the Draft Mental Health Bill release Easy read survey

30 September 2022

The Joint Committee has been created by the House of Lords and the House of Commons to consider the Government's draft Mental Health Bill, which aims to modernise the Mental Health Act. 

Following the Government’s publication of its Easy Read version of the draft Mental Health Bill on 26 September, the Joint Committee is inviting patients, service users and others to complete a short Easy read survey. A summary of responses will be published with the report. Extracts from individual responses may be included in the report anonymously.   

We ask that you please complete this survey before 30 October. This will allow the Committee to consider the survey responses before it is required to report to both Houses of Parliament with its findings and recommendations on 16 December 2022.

The Easy Read survey is substantially the same as the survey issued by the Committee earlier in the year. If you have already completed that, there is no need to complete the Easy Read survey as well. All responses will be given equal weight.

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Image: UK Parliament/Tyler Allicock