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Deposit of additional provision

7 July 2022

On 6 July 2022 an Additional Provision in relation to the High Speed Rail (Crewe - Manchester) Bill was deposited in the Private Bill Office.

An Additional Provision (often known as an 'AP') is the means by which the promoter of a private or hybrid bill can make amendments - which impact new or further individuals or groups - to a bill after it has been introduced to Parliament.

See the Additional Provision.

Other documents and resources deposited along with the Additional Provision - including plans, sections, supplementary environmental information and non technical summary, book of reference, ordnance maps, estimate of expense and housing statement - can be viewed in the Private Bill Office. Please contact or 020 7219 3250 to arrange viewing.

Petitioning against the Additional Provision

The deposit of an Additional Provision triggers the start of a further petitioning period, during which time individuals and groups directly and specially affected by the Additional Provision can object against it. This petitioning period is separate from that for petitions against the Bill itself, to allow individuals and groups who may not have been affected by the Bill as introduced but who are impacted by the provisions of the AP to make their objections.

The Chairman of Ways and Means, under Standing Order 171B(4), has decided that the petitioning window in respect of the Additional Provision will open at 9am on Thursday 7 July and close on 5pm on Tuesday 9 August.

Submitting petitions

Petitions can be submitted by email, post or in person, or by using the dedicated portal on the Committee’s website.

Further information

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