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Petitioning period against the Bill starts

27 June 2022

Following the House agreeing to the second reading of the High Speed Rail (Crewe - Machester) Bill on 20 June 2022, petitions can now be submitted against the Bill.

Petitioning against the Bill

Any individual, group of individuals, organisation or business which is "directly and specially affected" by the Bill can petition against it. These petitions outline how the petitioners are or would be adversely affected by the provisions in the Bill, and what they feel should be done to reduce or mitigate these consequences.

Petitioners whose petitions are accepted and who have the right to be heard will have the opportunity to appear before the Committee on the Bill to make their case.

Read our guidance on the petitioning process.

The Committee

In addition to giving the Bill its second reading, the House also committed the Bill to a specially established Select Committee.

The role of the High Speed Rail (Crewe - Manchester) Bill Select Committee will be to consider petitions submitted to the House of Commons against the Bill, and provide individuals and bodies directly and specially affected by the Bill with the opportunity to object to its provisions and to seek its amendment. The Committee will hear the cases made by the promoters of the Bill (HS2 Ltd, on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport) and petitioners against the Bill, to determine whether any amendments should be made to the Bill or any assurances or undertakings given by the promoter before the Bill can proceed.

Members will be appointed to the Committee in due course by the Committee of Selection.

Further information

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