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Greater clarity needed on regulatory divergence issues, says Lords Windsor Framework Committee

19 December 2023

The House of Lords Sub-Committee on the Windsor Framework has written to the Foreign Secretary, Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton, asking for greater clarity on the regulatory divergence issues arising from the Windsor Framework, following consideration of evidence it received as part of the recent inquiry.


On 15 November, the Sub-Committee on The Windsor Framework launched a short inquiry into regulatory divergence arising from EU and domestic legislation, in the context of the Windsor Framework. The Committee took evidence from academic, policy and legal experts, a range of business organisations,  farming representatives and the government.

Key issues

In its letter to the Foreign Secretary, the Committee draws attention to a number of key issues which were highlighted in the evidence it received, including:

  • The impact of regulatory divergence
  • Potential opportunities of regulatory divergence
  • Benefits of the Windsor Framework relating to regulatory divergence
  • Potential risks relating to regulatory divergence
  • Mechanisms for managing regulatory divergence

Further information