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Lord Frost gives evidence to Protocol Committee

9 July 2021

The House of Lords Sub-Committee on the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland takes evidence from Lord Frost and Cabinet Office officials on the current state of play regarding the operation of the Protocol. Topics of discussion will include the Government’s forthcoming proposals for the future of the Protocol, the state of the UK’s relationship with the EU, issues with the operation of the Protocol, and engagement with business and community representatives.


Wednesday 14 July at 4:15pm

  • Lord Frost, Minister of State, Cabinet Office
  • Rebecca Ellis, Director, Northern Ireland/Ireland Unit, Cabinet Office
  • Mark Davies, Deputy Director, Northern Ireland Protocol, Northern Ireland/Ireland Unit, Cabinet Office

Possible questions

  • How would you respond to arguments that the UK Government’s rhetoric over the Protocol has undermined trust and relations with the EU?
  • When does the Government expect to publish its plans for the future of the Protocol? What are the principal outstanding issues that need to be addressed in relation to the operation of the Protocol?
  • What is your response to the package of measures announced by the EU on 30 June, including the extension of the grace period on chilled meats, the supply of medicines, the movement and guide dogs and re-tagging of animals?
  • What progress has been made in relation to an SPS/veterinary agreement?
  • What steps is the Government taking to engage with GB businesses about the requirements of trade with Northern Ireland under the Protocol, to ensure they continue to supply the Northern Ireland market?
  • What benefits do you see arising out of the Protocol?
  • What is your response to those arguing in favour of alternatives to the Protocol?

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