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Impact of Common Agricultural Policy reform on UK agriculture.

4 November 2010

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee will undertake an inquiry into the European Commission’s proposals for reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after 2013.  

The inquiry will consider the impact of the proposals on agriculture in the UK.

At a cost of about €57 billion in 2010, the CAP is the EU’s single largest item of expenditure. It affects almost 50% of the EU’s land area and nearly 14 million agricultural holdings. The CAP is due to be reformed by December 2013. The European Commission will outline their options for a new CAP framework in November, prior to issuing draft legislative proposals in summer 2011.

The Committee is seeking evidence from interested parties on the Commission’s proposals, including:
• How will the Commission’s proposals affect the ability of UK agriculture to be competitive in a global market?
• Do the proposals ensure fair competition for British agricultural products within the European Union?
• Will the proposals achieve the correct balance between productivity and sustainability?
• Do the proposals place the UK in a good position to help meet future food supply challenges?
• Will the proposals redress the imbalance in support to different sectors created by the historic basis of payments?
• What aspects of the proposals should be made a common policy, and which are best left to Member States?
• Can the proposals be implemented simply and cost-effectively, within a short time-scale? The Committee may revise this information or release additional Terms of Reference following the publication of the Commission’s proposals. The Committee invites all interested parties to address these and related matters in writing by Friday 3 December 2010.

More information about the required format of submissions and contacts are on the inquiry page