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Front-line practitioners questioned on rural mental health

19 May 2022

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee welcomes front-line practitioners dealing with mental health issues as it continues its inquiry into rural mental health.


Tuesday 24 May 2022, Committee Room 6, Palace of Westminster

At 2.30pm

  • Danny Hutchinson, CEO of Invictus Wellbeing - offers early intervention and preventive mental health support for young people across West Yorkshire
  • Janette Smeeton, CEO of Derwent Rural Counselling Service - has counsellors and cognitive behaviour therapists who provide treatment throughout Derbyshire
  • Carol Stockman, Social Prescribers, Cotswolds Community Wellbeing Service – offers a non-medical form of early intervention which looks to support people’s mental health

At 3.30 PM

  • Stephen Dodsworth, Darlington Farmers Auction Market. Livestock markets play a social function and can be important for farmers’ mental wellbeing, The Darlington Market also runs a café where people can meet and chat
  • Trudy Herniman, Farmerados - a volunteer organisation based on the principle of mutual aid, Farmerados works to raise awareness of mental health in agriculture
  • Edward Richardson, Farm Adviser for Farm Cornwall - runs support centres providing business advice. Edward is trained in suicide prevention and mental health first aid
  • Melinda Raker, Founder Patron of You Are Not Alone (YANA). A rural mental health charity first set up in Norfolk, YANA has extended to cover East Anglia and Worcestershire

The Rural Mental Health inquiry is looking into the specific mental health challenges faced by those living and working in rural communities.

This third evidence session in the inquiry will question witnesses who support the mental well-being of farmers and the wider rural community in a variety of ways.

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Image: UK Parliament/Gabriel Sainhas