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Minister questioned on reducing plastic waste

5 May 2022

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee session is an opportunity to put some of the criticisms the committee has heard about government policy to the minister, while testing possible solutions and recommendations. 


Tuesday 10 May 2022

At 2.30pm

  • Jo Churchill, Minister for Agri-Innovation and Climate Adaptation, DEFRA
  • Chris Preston, Deputy Director, Resources and Waste, DEFRA
  • Steve Molyneux, Deputy Director, Waste Regulation, the Environment Agency

The MPs serving on the committee are likely to discuss:

  • recycling rates and other government targets;
  • major reforms such as the plastic packaging tax;
  • ways in which producers can be encouraged to take more responsibility for packaging;
  • initiatives which could result in more ‘circular’ and sustainable production systems (for example by re-using materials and creating less waste); and
  • how to encourage investment in recycling capacity

There will also be discussion about plastic waste exports and other international initiatives to limit the environmental impact of plastics.

The Minister will be accompanied by a senior official from DEFRA. A senior official from the Environment Agency, a public body sponsored by DEFRA, will also be attending as a witness before the committee.

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