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MPs ask how ‘alternative plastics’ might reduce waste

13 January 2022

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee holds an evidence session in its inquiry into plastic waste on 18 January 2022.

The overall aim of this inquiry is to scrutinise the ways in which the UK government might reach its own target of eliminating all ‘avoidable’ plastic waste by 2042.

Likely areas of questioning

In the session on 18 January MPs on the Committee will question how new types of ‘alternative plastic’, such as biodegradable plastic, and forms of recycling could help meet the goal.

The MPs will seek to understand how the UK might move closer in its use of plastic to a ‘circular economy’ where resources are used and then brought back into use, as opposed to the ‘take, make and dispose’ model which is currently consuming the earth’s resources at an unsustainable rate.


The session will be divided into two panels and comprise the following witnesses (many of whom are expected to attend virtually).

Panel 1 - from 2.30pm (approx.):

  • Professor Andrew Dove, Professor of Chemistry, School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham
  • Kathy Page, Programme Manager for the Environment, Science Policy Unit, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Professor Rachael Rothman, Professor of Sustainable Chemical Engineering and Co-Director, Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Mark Miodownik, Professor of Materials & Society and Head of Plastic Waste Innovation Hub, University College London

Panel 2 - from 3.30pm (approx.):

  • Richard Daley, Chief Executive Officer of ReNew ELP. a chemical recycling company
  • Professor Steven Fletcher, Professor of Ocean Policy and Economy, and Director of the Sustainability and the Environment research theme at the University of Portsmouth.  
  • Professor Michael Shaver, Director of the Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub and Professor of Polymer Science, University of Manchester
  • Jenny Grant, Head of Organics and Natural Capital at REA (Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology)

Further information

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