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Home Office “not listening” on food security and animal welfare crisis

14 December 2021

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee questioned the Minister for Safe and Legal Migration at the Home Office, Kevin Foster MP, this morning. Following this meeting, the Chair of the Committee, Neil Parish MP, said:

”Labour shortages in the food and farming sector have caused a human and animal welfare crisis. But the Home Office is simply not listening. It is not supplying enough visas for foreign workers in a timely, efficient manner.

Employers need workers and cannot get them in time. Pigs are being culled and wasted because there are not enough butchers in the abattoirs. Fruit is rotting on trees and crops are not being planted.

There appears to be a disconnect between this reality and what Mr Foster says. Again and again during our evidence session he said visa systems were in place to resolve the labour shortages. The food and farming sector tells us this is not the case.

We need the Home Office to respond to what farmers and businesses are saying and to stop blaming the sector for being at fault. We need an effective cross-Government food and farming labour strategy that deals with immigration and other issues - and we need it fast.

We have world-class food production capacity in the UK, but the shortage of workers means we are in real danger of exporting our industry - which means we’ll be importing more of our food

We were pleased to learn from the Minister that a temporary visa scheme is to be extended to cover the ornamental horticulture sector. That’s good news for the daffodil growers of Cornwall - and we thank Mr Foster for that. But much of the rest of the farming and food sector is in crisis and we ask the Minister to please listen to its entirely justified cries for help”.

Image: Parliamentary copyright