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The UK's approach to international agri-food trade: MPs to hear from Trade and Agriculture Commission

22 April 2021

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee will hold a one-off evidence session to explore the UK's approach to international agri-food trade.


Tuesday 27 April, 2.30pm 

  • Tim Smith, former Chair of the TAC
  • Nick Von Westenholtz,TAC member and Director of Trade and Businesses Strategy, NFU
  • Dr Nigel Gibbens, TAC member and former Chief Veterinary Officer for the UK

Purpose of the session

In the session, MPs will scrutinise the Trade and Agriculture Commission (TAC)'s independent report to the Government. 


In particular, the session will focus on the TAC's recommendations on how to liberalise trade while maintaining the UK's standards on issues such as animal welfare and sustainability in free trade agreements, as well as how the Government supports UK exporters. 

Further information

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