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Committee to hear Ministers’ evidence on post-transition period agricultural labour

12 November 2020

Ministers are to appear before the EFRA Committee to conclude its inquiry into Labour in the Food Supply Chain.

Purpose of the session

The session will consider the impact of the Government’s proposed points-based immigration system on labour in the food supply chain, and whether investment in technology and innovation will compensate for the absence of an immigration route for “lower skilled” workers. It will also look at the arguments for a Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme, allowing farmers to recruit overseas staff to harvest crops.   


Tuesday 17 November

At 2.30pm  

  • Victoria Prentis MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at Defra;
  • Kevin Foster MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Home Office, and; 
  • Philippa Rouse, Director, Future Border & Immigration System Directorate. 

Further information

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