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Committee call for evidence on effectiveness of proposed deal

21 October 2020

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Select Committee today launches a short call for evidence in order to scrutinise the proposed Fisheries Framework Agreement between the UK and Norway.

Parallel to trilateral negotiations between the two countries and the EU, which will determine management of fish stocks in the North Sea, this proposed separate agreement seeks to establish arrangements between the UK and Norway for cooperation on conservation, fisheries management, quotas and access to waters, vessel licensing, monitoring and enforcement. It is set to take effect as soon as the transition period ends, 1st January 2021. 

Contribute your views

The EFRA Committee is now seeking written submissions on the following questions, with a deadline of 11 November 2020: 

  • Will the UK-Norway Fisheries Framework Agreement provide an effective basis for annual negotiations on managing access to each countries’ waters, stocks and agreement on quotas?
  • Will it provide an effective basis for the sustainable management of shared fish stocks?
  • Will it provide an effective basis for vessel licensing, monitoring and enforcement?
  • How will it affect the UK fishing fleet and fisheries businesses?
  • Does it raise any issues for negotiations between the UK, Norway and the EU on trilateral governance arrangements for fish stocks in the North Sea

The EFRA Committee gathered evidence on UK/ EU fishing negotiations, including access to markets, sustainability and enforcement, earlier this year. A transcript of the session can be found here

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Image: Pixabay