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Government's approach to managing flood risk inquiry launched

4 March 2020

The House of Commons Environment Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee today launches an inquiry scrutinising the Government's plans for flood risk management in England.

Parliament's EFRA Select Committee will hear evidence from a range of independent experts, affected communities, and Government officials to probe the effectiveness of current approaches to managing flood risk.

Building on the lessons learned from this winter's severe weather, MPs will question the level of Government investment, the involvement of affected communities in decision making, and how natural flood management measures can be integrated into the Government's approach.

The Committee will also investigate the role of insurance and planning policy in protecting businesses and property from flooding.

Chair's comments

Chair of the EFRA Committee, Neil Parish MP, said:

'Recent extreme weather has wrought devastating damage on peoples' homes, livelihoods and health. Our climate is changing rapidly, and we need to prepare ourselves for what could be a turbulent new normal. That's why it's crucial that the Government's approach to managing flood risk holds up to scrutiny.

'The new Parliament is an opportunity to see in long-term policies which will take our constituents' concerns into account when protecting them from the effects of severe weather. As the last month has shown us, this isn't a problem that's going to go away. Our communities need the necessary support to adapt, so that in the future , those who remain at risk will be better prepared.'

Although the new inquiry will focus on inland flooding, it will build on evidence heard and issues raised during the 2017-2019 Committee's inquiry, Coastal flooding and adaptation to climate change.

Further information

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