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Committee welcomes increased sentences for animal cruelty

26 June 2019

Neil Parish, the Chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has today welcomed Government legislation, which will increase maximum sentences for animal cruelty.

Neil Parish MP, the Chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, said:

“We are delighted to see the Government listening to my Committee and public opinion and introducing tougher sentencing for those who commit crimes against animals.

“Last year, we called for draft legislation to be amended to increase sentences for animal welfare offences, and we are happy to see the Secretary of State announce these changes today.

“If the UK wants to be a global leader in animal welfare, then the punitive measures for animal cruelty have to include a greater range of offences. Previously, penalties for animal welfare offences in England were amongst the lowest in Europe.

“We want to live in a country that not only respects animal welfare, but actively and passionately encourages it – I feel today's announcement reflects this and my Committee shall continue to monitor the positive impact it will have on the nation's pets, livestock and wildlife.”

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