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Committee launches an investigation into Live Facial Recognition

11 December 2023

The Justice and Home Affairs Committee is launching a short investigation into the use of Live Facial Recognition (LFR) by police, a follow up to their inquiry 'New technologies and the application of the law'. In a single oral evidence session, the Committee will focus on the deployment of the technology, with evidence from police forces, academics and LFR providers.


The Justice and Home Affairs Committee is conducting a short investigation into the deployment of Live Facial Recognition technologies by police forces in England and Wales. This follows up on the Committee’s report Technology rules? The advent of new technologies in the justice system, (published on 30 March 2022).

In this single oral evidence session

the Committee will hear from the Metropolitan Police and the South Wales Police, as well as from an academic and from a company that produces LFR technology. The session will focus in particular on human interaction with the technology, procurement, accountability and transparency.

Possible topics

Possible areas of questioning include:

  • How to develop meaningful human engagement with LFR;
  • The process of acquiring the technology;
  • How police force use of the technology can be held to account;
  • How police forces apply the principle of transparency to their use of the technology.

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