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Lack of agreement on movement of creative professionals risks substantial damage to the creative industries

19 October 2021

The House of Lords European Affairs Committee has today published a letter to the Government setting out concerns about the impact the lack of provision in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement on the movement of creative professionals is having on the creative industries.


On 14 September 2021 the House of Lords European Affairs Committee heard evidence from industry experts on the impact of the lack of provision in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement on the creative industries following the UK’s exit from the European Union.

The creative industries are one of the UK’s most important export industries, with the music industry alone valued at £5.8bn and employing over 100,000 people. This sector has been particularly badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and is only now beginning to recover. The Committee heard compelling evidence that this recovery is critically threatened by the restrictions on touring and performing in Europe.

The Letter

The Committee found that the impact of the lack of provisions in the TCA on creative professionals is so severe as to force many performers out of the sector, and pose a serious threat to sections of the industry. This not only risks substantial damage to an important sector of the UK economy, but may also undermine the Government’s vision of a global Britain using its soft power to advance its interests internationally in the post-Brexit era.

The Committee urges the Government to work with the EU and Member States to find mutually beneficial solutions to the problems identified in the letter, and to step up coordination across government departments and agencies to implement a coherent and unified approach. 

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