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New inquiry on methane launched by Lords Committee

8 March 2024

The Environment and Climate Change Committee have launched a new inquiry into methane.

Focus of inquiry

The aims of this inquiry are:

  • To understand the impact of methane on climate change and warming, and the main benefits of delivering methane reduction targets;
  • To explore the UK’s progress on its existing commitments to reduce domestic methane emissions, and what further progress can be made;
  • To understand the significance of the UK’s contributions to reducing methane in a global context, and what UK action, and what kinds of action, will have greatest impact.


The Committee is seeking written evidence in the following topic areas:

  • International commitments
  • Data measurement and monitoring
  • UK Methane emissions and sectors
  • Agriculture
  • Waste and waste management
  • Fossil fuels

Chair’s comments

Baroness Sheehan, Chair of the Environment and Climate Change Committee said:

“Methane is a powerful but short-lived greenhouse gas. Its concentration in the atmosphere is increasing globally, and it is responsible for a third of the climate warming since the start of the industrial revolution.

At COP26 in 2021, the UK was one of the 155 countries to sign the Global Methane Pledge, “to keep a 1.5˚C future within reach” and agreeing to take voluntary actions to reduce global methane emissions by 30 percent compared to 2020 levels, by 2030.

Our inquiry will seek to find out whether the UK is on track to achieve this target, in-turn helping to limit warming while also delivering benefits to human and ecosystem health.”


The Committee invites written contributions to its inquiry by 11.55pm on Monday 15 April 2024.

Further information