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Committee sets vision of clean, secure, affordable UK energy future

12 March 2015

The Energy and Climate Change Committee today launches its final report of this Parliament, ‘Fuelling the debate: Committee successes and future challenges’, at a conference discussing the future challenges and opportunities facing the next Government on energy and climate policy.

The interactive report provides a quantitative overview of the Committee’s work over the last five years and looks in more detail at three case studies – electricity market reform, competition in the energy market and shale gas – where it has played a key role in holding the Government to account and improving policy and legislation. The report goes on to set out the Committee’s future vision for the UK energy system, based on the views and evidence provided by a wide range of energy industry stakeholders. It also explores the challenges which will need to be overcome after the election if the UK is to achieve its ambitious long-term climate and energy goals.
Committee Chair Tim Yeo MP will open today’s energy and climate change policy conference with a keynote address – his last major speech as an MP – setting out his vision for the future UK energy market and policy advice to the next Government. He will say:

"With the right policies in place, we can have a low-carbon, high-competition, super-efficient and much more secure energy system by 2030. But to get there the next Government must stand its ground in the centre.
It must face down the misguided campaigners who oppose any form of fracking and all onshore wind. Instead, it must allow business to find the lowest cost low-carbon solutions.
It must continue to lead on climate change, support emissions trading, maintain investor confidence with long-term targets and stable policy, and ensure that electricity market reforms encourage innovation."

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