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Common Frameworks Committee to no longer meet

26 October 2023

On 24 October 2023, the Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee Chair, Baroness Andrews, wrote to Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Minister for Intergovernmental Relations, summarising the work and conclusions of the Committee since its appointment in September 2020.  

The letter

The letter congratulates the UK Government and the devolved governments on the progress they have made in agreeing the majority of the frameworks, albeit almost entirely in provisional form, but reiterates a number of concerns about the extent to which the programme has fulfilled its initial promise and how frameworks are coordinated across Whitehall and between the governments of the UK.

The Committee’s formal remit expires on 31 December 2023 and, in normal circumstances, that would be the date on which the Committee ceased to exist. However, in absence of a functioning Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive, the existing frameworks operating provisionally cannot be finalised, nor can any further progress be made on the four remaining unpublished frameworks. Further productive scrutiny of the Common Frameworks programme is therefore no longer possible and, for this reason, the Committee has agreed to disband as of the time of Prorogation on 26 October. It will not be reappointed following the King’s Speech on 7 November.

Accordingly, for the remainder of its term, the Committee will no longer be able to meet and will conduct no further scrutiny of the Common Frameworks programme nor of any individual frameworks.

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