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Inquiry launched on UK common frameworks after Brexit

23 October 2020

The House of Lords Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee has launched an inquiry on the UK common frameworks programme after Brexit, and is inviting written evidence from interested individuals and organisations.

Inquiry background

The House of Lords Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee is undertaking an inquiry into the UK common frameworks programme after Brexit. Common frameworks are the mechanism for the UK and devolved governments to mutually agree some amount of regulatory consistency in policy areas where returning EU powers are within devolved competence.

The Committee wishes to examine how the common frameworks programme will operate and relate to other initiatives, notably the Internal Market Bill, how it could be reviewed and improved in future, and the role for parliamentary scrutiny across the UK.


 The topics the Committee is seeking evidence on include:

  • What would a successful common frameworks programme look like? How should common frameworks fit within the broader devolution settlement? 
  • How can common frameworks relate to the Internal Market Bill, in particular the Market Access Commitment?
  • How should common frameworks facilitate cooperation or manage divergence between the four administrations? Is the dispute mechanism that has been proposed satisfactory?
  • How will common frameworks interact with the Northern Ireland Protocol? How should they operate with respect to Northern Ireland?
  • What should the process be for reviewing common frameworks after their implementation? What role should there be for parliamentary scrutiny and to what extent should this be underpinned by greater cooperation between the UK and devolved legislatures?


The deadline for submissions is 23:59 on Friday 15 January 2021.

Further information