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New arrangements for UK nutrition policy scrutinised by committee

21 October 2020

The Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee has written to Health Minister Edward Argar MP on the Provisional Framework on Nutrition Labelling, Composition and Standards (NLCS), following its publication on 9 October. This is the first Common Framework to be laid in Parliament for scrutiny.


The NLCS Common Framework will replace the EU system for making decisions about nutrition policy and will apply at the end of the transition period. Under the new arrangements, nutrition policy decisions will be made jointly by the four administrations of the UK working together in a newly-created NLCS Policy Group.

In its scrutiny of the Provisional Framework, the Committee has identified a number of issues where it would like further clarification. In its letter to the Minister, it asks:

  • What the rationale is for the common framework and concordat being separate documents
  • How the framework will interact with the Internal Market Bill
  • How the Northern Ireland Executive has been involved in the process
  • What involvement the devolved administrations will have in any international negotiations
  • What role Parliament will have in future reviews of the framework

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