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More information required for parliamentary scrutiny of common frameworks

14 October 2020

The Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee has written to the Rt Hon Chloe Smith MP on the basis of its early experience of considering the Framework Summaries provided by UK Government departments. The Committee asks for a number of changes that would facilitate parliamentary scrutiny.

Background information

The House of Lords Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee has been set up to scrutinise common frameworks in the United Kingdom, following its exit from the European Union.

The Committee has started its work and has considered Framework Summaries in a range of policy areas. It has identified a number of issues that it would like to see addressed in order to facilitate parliamentary scrutiny. In its letter, the Committee asks for:

  • more detail in the Framework Summaries, particularly on the dispute settlement processes
  • greater clarity on how the frameworks relate to legislation
  • information on consultation conducted with relevant stakeholders across the UK
  • answers to any questions it may have on these summaries before receiving a Provisional Framework

Further information