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Committee asks questions about future UK food safety rules

14 October 2020

The Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee has written to the Food Standards Agency’s Chief Executive, Emily Miles, to confirm its intention to scrutinise the Food and Feed Safety and Hygiene (FFSH) framework. The Committee also asks a number of questions on the Framework Summary.


The UK’s Food and Feed Safety and Hygiene (FFSH) policy is regulated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Commission, but this will cease at the end of the transition period, following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. The FFSH framework will create a joint risk analysis process across the UK for areas within its scope.

In its consideration of the FFSH Framework Summary, the Committee has identified a number of areas where it would like further information and clarification before receiving the Provisional Framework. In its letter, the Committee asks:

  • How the framework will interact with the Internal Market Bill
  • What role Northern Ireland will play, given the Northern Ireland Protocol
  • Whether primary legislation will be required and how parliamentary scrutiny will work
  • What stakeholder engagement has been conducted

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