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COVID-19 Committee

Lords Select Committee

The COVID-19 Committee considers the long-term implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economic and social wellbeing of the United Kingdom

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Committee news

How does spending more time online affect our relationships?
COVID-19 Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 12 January at 10.00am
6 January 2021
Committee asks what our increasingly digital lives will mean for our mental health
COVID-19 Committee takes evidence at 10:00am on 15 December
10 December 2020
Committee to explore the impact of digital technology on physical activity
COVID-19 Committee hears evidence on physical activity and use of digital technology
26 November 2020
Committee to discuss digital technology and the delivery of healthcare services
The COVID-19 Committee will hear from the British Medical Association, Healthwatch England, The King’s Fund and Professor Ruth Chambers
19 November 2020
Rapid pace of digitalisation investigated by Committee
The COVID-19 Committee takes evidence on digital trends in service delivery, workplaces and our personal lives
12 November 2020
Committee to kick-off new inquiry by exploring digital exclusion
The COVID-19 Committee is to start taking oral evidence in its new inquiry looking at the long-term impact on wellbeing of an increasing reliance on digital technology
5 November 2020
Committee asks what increasingly digital lives will mean for our wellbeing
Inquiry on the impact of digitalisation on peoples lives launched
28 October 2020
Committee publishes transcripts of its ‘Life Beyond COVID’ discussions
Transcripts of ‘Life Beyond COVID’ discussion groups published
26 October 2020
Committee brings organisations together to share learning on ‘Life Beyond COVID’
The COVID-19 Committee took evidence as part of their Life Beyond COVID inquiry
9 September 2020
Long-term implications of the pandemic discussed with leading organisations
The COVID-19 Committee take evidence as part of their Life Beyond COVID inquiry on Tuesday 8 September at 10.00am.
4 September 2020
Committee asks young people how they think COVID-19 will affect their futures
COVID-19 Committee convened a youth panel for Life Beyond COVID inquiry
23 July 2020
Resources to help schools and community groups contribute to Committee inquiry
The COVID-19 Committee has produced new discussion packs to help schools and communities have a say
22 July 2020
New Committee asks people to share their views on life beyond COVID-19
The House of Lords COVID-19 Committee launches call for evidence
1 July 2020
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