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Teachers and doctors must be equipped for the digital world

18 June 2021

The COVID-19 Committee has written to the Secretaries of State for Health and Education about the lack of IT equipment and training for GPs and teachers.

Following on from the Committee’s work on how the pandemic has rapidly accelerated online service provision, and the use of digital technology in all aspects of our lives, members have written to the Government to ask what action they are taking to improve the ability of doctors and teachers to operate digitally.

Although the easing of social distancing restrictions will make it easier for teaching and healthcare to be delivered face-to-face, some students and patients will want to be able to continue to access services virtually. In the medium to long term, it seems highly likely that greater online provision of education and healthcare will become the norm. Although the Committee are clear that this will not be an option that is suitable for everyone, they are also concerned that the pandemic has exposed the lack of adequate digital equipment and skills within the healthcare and teaching professions. Members have, therefore, written to Ministers to ask what steps they are taking to make sure these critical professions are adequately prepared to operate in an increasingly digital world.

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