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Impact of pandemic on parents’ employment considered by Committee

19 May 2021

On Tuesday 25 May, the COVID-19 Committee explores the potential long-term impact of the pandemic on parents’ employment.  

The pandemic has resulted in job losses, or changes in working hours and pay, for many people, but has also had a particular impact on those who have had to combine work with childcare responsibilities.

In this session, members will consider the scale of the impact on parents’ employment and what action is needed from Government, and others, as a result, as well as whether any of the changes in employment practices, and attitudes to work, driven by the pandemic could have a long-term benefit for parents.


At 9.45am, the Committee will hear evidence from:

  • Laura Dewar, Policy and Research Lead, Gingerbread
  • Megan Jarvie, Head of Coram Family and Childcare
  • Simon Kelleher, Head of Policy and Influencing, Working Families
  • Molly Mayer, Senior Research and Policy Officer, Fawcett Society

Themes for discussion

  • The number of parents who are unemployed, or working reduced hours, as a result of the pandemic, and the long-term impact this may have on their families’ economic and emotional wellbeing.
  • Whether current childcare provision is adequate to support parents’ employment prospects post-pandemic.
  • Whether the pandemic could result in a long-term trend for more flexible employment opportunities, and the potential advantages and disadvantages for parents.
  • Whether the pandemic could result in fathers doing a greater share of childcare.
  • What the long-term impact might be, if any, on the gender pay gap.

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