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How will technology affect the quality of our working lives, post-pandemic?

25 January 2021

On Thursday 28 January, the COVID-19 Committee will explore the long-term impact of the increase in remote working, and adoption of digital technologies, on our experience of work.

Digital technology was transforming the nature of work before the pandemic, but the last year has seen a significant acceleration in the trends shaping what we will do for work, and where we will do it, in the future. In this session, the Committee will explore how this might impact on our work-life balance and job satisfaction, and what Government and others need to do in response.


At 10.00, the Committee will hear evidence from:

  • Professor Abigail Marks, Principle Investigator, Working@home project
  • Louise Marston, Director of Ventures, Resolution Foundation
  • James Taylor, Executive Director of Strategy, Impact and Social Change, Scope
  • Anna Thomas, Director, Institute for the Future of Work

Themes for discussion

  • As automation, AI and other digital technologies change the nature and types of jobs available, how might that affect employment quality and working conditions?
  • How might the increasing digitalisation of workplaces, and increased remote working, affect our work-life balance?
  • Are certain groups of people more likely to benefit, or be disadvantaged, by these trends?
  • Are there other ways that digital technology could be used to improve people’s experience of work?

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