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The impact of digital on the post-pandemic jobs market

20 January 2021

The COVID-19 Committee will explore how the pandemic has increased the adoption of AI, automation, remote working and e-commerce.

Digital technology was transforming the nature of work before the pandemic, but the last year has seen a significant acceleration in the trends shaping what we will do for work, and where we will do it, in the future. In this session, the Committee will explore the types of jobs that may be lost and created as a result, and what Government and others need to do in response.


At 10.00am, the Committee will hear evidence from:

  • Josh Abey, Researcher, Fabian Society
  • Verity Davidge, Director of Central Policy, Make UK
  • Andrew Goodacre, Chief Executive, British Independent Retailers Association
  • Fabian Wallace-Stephens, Senior Researcher, The RSA

Themes for discussion

  • To what extent has the pandemic sped up business’ adoption of digital technologies, and other digital trends (like e-commerce) that impact on businesses?
  • What might that mean for the number and types of jobs available in 2-5 years, time?
  • How will different regions, and different demographic groups, be affected?
  • What potential is there for new technologies to create new jobs, and what are the barriers to the adoption of that technology?
  • To what extent do people have the skills required for the jobs of the future?

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