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Rapid pace of digitalisation investigated by Committee

12 November 2020

The COVID-19 Committee takes evidence on digital trends in service delivery, workplaces and our personal lives


The Committee is conducting an inquiry into the impact that our rapidly increasing reliance on digital technology, accelerated by the pandemic, may have on our wellbeing. The purpose of this session is to provide context for that inquiry, by exploring the extent to which we are all spending more time online, and that businesses and services are increasingly digitalising, as well as considering the digital trends and innovations that are likely to be shaping our lives in 2-5 years’ time.


Tuesday 17 November 2020 at 10:30am, Virtual meeting

  • Benedict Evans, independent analyst
  • Gerard Grech, CEO, Tech Nation
  • Hanna Johnson, COO, PUBLIC
  • Professor Helen Margetts, Programme Director for Public Policy at the Alan Turing Institute

Themes for discussion

  • How our internet use is changing
  • The digitalisation of industries and services
  • Emerging technologies and innovations
  • The implications for governance and regulation

Further information