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Committee brings organisations together to share learning on ‘Life Beyond COVID’

9 September 2020

The COVID-19 Committee met with representatives from University College London’s Institute of Education, the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Green New Deal, Demos and the Royal Society of Art.

The COVID-19 Committee met with four organisations who have, in different ways, been gathering views on the long-term economic and societal implications of the pandemic. From public polling and surveys, to essay writing and art competitions aimed at young people, the organisations have been engaging with a wide range of people across the UK. The Committee were keen to hear what they had found, in order to inform the Committee’s own inquiry into Life Beyond COVID.
Whilst an extensive range of issues were discussed, some common themes did emerge from their findings. When thinking about how our daily lives, and wider society, might be different in 2-5 years’ time because of the pandemic, their research has found that people think:

  • inequalities in society will have increased;
  • working patterns and practices will have changed for many people;
  • we will be spending more of our time online; and
  • improving access to green spaces, and increasing the UK’s resilience (for example in relation to food supplies), should be a priority, as should greater action to address environmental concerns. 

The research conducted by the witnesses also revealed a significant split between people who want and/ or expect the pandemic to lead to significant long-term change, and those who want or expect things to ‘return to normal’, and a split between those who are optimistic about the changes that the pandemic may bring and those who are worried about change for the worse.
The session can be watched back in full on Parliament TV.

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