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UK-Australia call for evidence re-opened

30 June 2021

The House of Lords International Agreements Committee has today re-opened its call for evidence  on the ongoing trade negotiations between the UK and Australia.


As the Government sets out ambitious plans to agree a trade agreement with Australia, the committee is continuing to invite evidence on the negotiations. 

Chair's Comments 

Lord Goldsmith QC, Chair of the International Agreements Committee, said:

"With Australia being the UK's 11th largest non-EU trading partner, the committee will look to focus on the Government's objectives, the progress of negotiations, and the possible impacts of a final deal for individuals all across the UK."

Questions the committee is inviting evidence on include:

  • What effect could a UK-Australia trade deal have on the UK’s future ability to negotiate deals with other countries, and to what extent does it set a precedent for future negotiations?  
  • What are the economic consequences for farmers and the agriculture and food industries of a deal with Australia?
  • The Government stated in its negotiating objectives that it “will seek an ambitious agreement with Australia for financial services and will consider how to promote deeper co-operation on regulatory issues”. Does the information available suggest that the agreement will deliver this?
  • From your knowledge of the digital provisions so far, how would you assess the claim that they will support the UK services industry and bring opportunities to the UK?
  • In your view, could the deal, and in particular the SPS provisions, have an impact on the operation of the Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol and, if so, how?
  • The UK Government has presented an FTA with Australia as a “gateway” to joining to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). To what extent is a bilateral FTA with Australia required for accession purposes? How might a trade deal with Australia help the UK join the CPTPP?

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