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Lords fear security impact of failure to agree UK/EU security cooperation

18 June 2020

The Chair of the  EU Security and Justice Sub-Committee, Lord Ricketts, has written to the Government seeking greater clarity on how it plans to ensure continued public safety after 31 December 2020 if arrangements covering cooperation with the EU on criminal justice and policing measures, such as the European Arrest Warrant, cannot be agreed

The Chair's letter follows the Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP, Security Minister's appearance before the Committee on Tuesday 16 June 2020. Members remain concerned that progress, and the possibility of failure, in the ongoing negotiations between the UK and the EU 27 of these vitally important matters - including the central issue of adequate data protection standards - has received little public attention.

The Committee looks forward to considering the Government's response. 

Lord Ricketts said: 

“The Government is optimistic that agreement can be achieved on the UK's continued involvement in a range of EU measures that have proved so effective in helping to preserve the safety of UK citizens, as well as those of our EU partners.

However, the Minister also acknowledged that agreement may not prove possible in all these areas.  We therefore ask the Government to provide clarity as a matter of urgency on how it intends to ensure that any failure to reach agreement will not weaken law enforcement and security in this country.”

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