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Facebook, Google and Twitter face questions on spread of COVID-19 misinformation

29 April 2020

Social media companies face questioning from MPs about their action and its effectiveness in reducing the deliberate spreading of harmful content about the COVID-19 pandemic.

False narratives

Senior executives from Facebook, Google and Twitter will be asked about measures they have put in place to tackle a coronavirus ‘infodemic' of false narratives such as conspiracy theories around 5G broadband or claims of fake Twitter accounts posing as those of NHS staff. The wider use of these measures to address online harms beyond the crisis will also be considered. 

The Sub-Committee's inquiry into online harms and disinformation has invited the public to send in examples of online disinformation and misinformation ahead of the hearing.

A panel of experts with a range of backgrounds investigating misinformation, disinformation and cyber security will consider the success of tactics used to identify and counter global sources of disinformation. 


Thursday 30 April

At 9.30am:

  • Professor Philip Howard, Director, Oxford Internet Institute
  • Dr. Claire Wardle, Strategy Lead, First Draft News
  • Stacie Hoffmann, Digital Policy Consultant, Oxford Information Labs

At 10.30am:

  • Katy Minshall, UK Head of Government, Public Policy and Philanthropy, Twitter
  • Richard Earley, UK Public Policy Manager, Facebook
  • Alina Dimofte, Public Policy and Government Relations Manager, Google

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